Outdoor Entertaining – Checklist for Getting Ready

Now that warm weather is here, parties move outdoors for a more relaxed, casual environment. What’s the best way to plan ahead so your deck, lawn or patio becomes a beautiful and welcoming space for guests?

1. Pressure washing will get rid of stains, odors and grime that create a generally dull appearance. You’ll feel the difference when your whole outdoor space shines, and so will your guests.

Remember, a successful dinner party doesn’t have to be elaborate. All you need is simple food, good company, and a convivial setting to create great memories that last for years.

2. Clean windows and patio doors will make your home sparkle.

Window washing and silver polishing are part of the ritual of getting ready for a party for some. If you don’t have the time or desire to tackle your windows, call Sunshine Window Cleaning for a phone estimate. Our Atlanta window washing and pressure washing crews will clean everything to your satisfaction.

3. Add clusters of chairs and tables and extra umbrellas for shade, or lots of candles, torches and sparkling light for evening

Window washing and pressure washing Atlanta outdoor spaces will create a great backdrop; you add the magic with twinkle lights, special centerpieces or a colorful splash of creativity that enchants your guests and turns your party into an event.

4. If it’s a lawn party Let guests know ahead so they will wear appropriate clothing and especially shoes. Provide whimsical sunscreen and bug repellant stations so no one needs to suffer.

High heels that sink into the lawn or get stuck between decking are an unnecessary frustration. A few guidelines on what to wear will be much appreciated.

5. Music adds a classy touch, but keep the volume low.

Of course live music is awesome, but if you can’t get a string quartet or your brother-in-law’s Blues band your guests will no doubt enjoy some of your recorded favorites piped into the background.

6. Neighbors will be dealing with parking and noise no matter how polite everyone is – if you are not inviting them, put a note in their mailboxes a few days ahead (for best results, attach it to a bottle of something that will wash away any frustration!).

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