Refinancing or Selling Your Home?

Five easy ways to boost your curb appeal.

Window washing, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing are just three of the small budget/big impact ways you can give your home a fresh, picture- perfect look:

Create a Grand Entrance

Designers have a secret about how to get that “grand” look. Updated architectural accents like light fixtures and front door accents in a symmetrical composition create an impressive entryway.

Container gardens give a lively, welcoming feel and add colorful appeal to any home exterior quickly and affordably. They should be staggered and asymmetrical to create a dynamic, artful look.

Make an even bigger statement by giving your front door a blast of color or installing a custom wood door — and polish the hardware so it shines!

Add Sparkle with Window Washing

Does it seem like you are never finished with the window cleaning in Atlanta?
Home window products and even some commercial cleaning solutions attract particles in the air so you have to clean more often. Sunshine uses a special detergent blend for window cleaning that lets your windows sparkle longer.

Attend to Downspouts and Gutter Cleaning

In Atlanta gutter cleaning is another repetitive chore, but nothing says run-down like loaded gutters. Gutter cleaning can improve your home’s “well-cared for” look in one afternoon!

Polish the driveway

Pressure washing the driveway is an easy way to subtract years off the age of your home. If your driveway is cracked, stained or has sprouting vegetation, you may be considering one of the new and expensive “makeove” options. But you don’t need a complete repaving. First kill the weeds and repair the cracks. Next, pressure wash with high-power and high-flow commercial equipment to quickly remove grime and stains. You may be completely satisfied. But if you do want to go a step further, dress it up by staining the concrete or adding flagstones. Adding just a row or two of brick or pavers on both sides can give your driveway some flair, with the added benefit of giving you more room to park or turn around if you need it.

Pressure Washing and Paint for the Exterior

An exterior facelift with quality pressure washing automatically transforms the look of a home. At sunshine we recommend a low-pressure chemical wash to remove the grime but leave the paint unharmed.

If paint is already flaking down to the wood, then after washing you will want to scrape and re-paint. The new coat will adhere much better after a thorough pressure washing.

You may be surprised at how good your home looks with pressure washing alone and you could save a bundle! Periodic maintenance by pressure washing the exterior surface is a sure way to keep your home looking its best. Even if you are not ready to sell now, giving your house that “best-kept on the block” look will always make it more sale-able in the future.

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