Why Bonded, Insured & Guaranteed are Worth It

Gutter Cleaning in AtlantaSandy was thrilled with her home’s sparkling clean windows, and doubly pleased because it was such a good deal; half what some Atlanta window cleaners quoted. It wasn’t until six months later, when she received the letter from a law firm, that she realized how expensive it was going to be.  The window washer had fallen from a ladder, had been unable to work, and was now suing Sandy and her husband.  Their home insurance would cover it, but their rates would increase more than the cost of the whole job.  Convinced they were not at fault, Sandy considered hiring a lawyer to fight it, but that would also be expensive with no guarantee of a win.

Getting the right quote

As a consumer, when you compare costs for home services you are often faced with this same question.  You might want to be careful about spending for window washing or a low pressure roof cleaning; or when your neighbor’s Atlanta gutter cleaning quote was so much less, you don’t want to be “taken” for more than you should pay.  The temptation to choose an independent provider, with lower overhead, is understandable.  But lower overhead often means inadequate insurance, or none at all.  What does it mean when a service provider is “bonded and insured” and why should you pay extra for it?


When you read “bonded” in an ad it usually means that the company has completed a background check on each employee and has determined that the person has no criminal charges pending or in the past. A background check does not guarantee an employee’s honesty, but it does provide extra assurance that the gutter cleaning, window washing or other professionals working at your property or perhaps even inside your home, have been carefully scrutinized.  Often someone who has a criminal background will not even bother to apply at an Atlanta pressure washing company that does a thorough screening.

Atlanta Window Washing


Insured service providers should carry liability coverage for personal injuries and property damage, as well as worker’s compensation insurance.  If your Atlanta window cleaners break a window, soil your carpet, damage a valued lawn ornament, or have an accident that involves personal injury, either the company’s insurance or worker’s compensation would pay for repairs, replacement and medical expenses. Insurance may also pay for theft of an item if you are able to prove that it was taken by an employee.

Remember that the value of any company’s “bonded and insured” coverage depends also on the amount of insurance they carry.  In addition to checking their insurance, you should also ask for references of current customers to decide whether the firm is reliable and its employees are careful and trustworthy.

Contact us and leave a comment about your home’s biggest window washing, pressure washing or gutter cleaning challenge.  Ask about Sunshine Window Cleaning’s bonding and insurance coverage.  We’ll not only send you that information, we’ll also enter you in a drawing for a free fall gutter cleaning!

You should be able to trust the service people who come into your home.  Even if you trust the owner or order taker, how will you know the people they send to do the work are honest?  A crew works quickly and even if you are present you can’t keep an eye on all of them all the time.  Accidents that are not covered by an Atlanta residential window cleaning company’s insurance will have to be covered by yours, leading to higher premiums.  Your home is one of your most valuable possessions.  Make sure the company you hire has coverage that includes liability and worker’s compensation.  Any firm that sends people onto your property should make the protection of you and your home a top priority.

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