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Sunshine Window Cleaning


David Monson founded Sunshine Window Cleaning in Atlanta back in 1978, initially operating from his Nissan pick-up truck. Today, David still owns and operates Sunshine, which has grown from a small residential window cleaning service to a multi-million dollar company that provides expert window cleaning, pressure washing-hard and soft, gutter cleaning, and gutter & roof repair services.


Our teams operate large, fully equipped vans and serve both residential and commercial customers in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

David & Mrs. Monson, Owners of Sunshine Window Cleaning

The Sunshine Window Cleaning Distinction

What sets Sunshine Window Cleaning apart is our intense commitment to customer service. We not only have professional window washers, we also have trained professional.

Customer service members available to answer your call five days a week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday



This means that when you call, you will speak to a real person, not an answering service. We know that you’re busy and don’t have time to wait for a return phone call.

Our friendly team is trained to give good practical advice, options and answers to your questions about everything from the difference between high and soft pressure washing to how often to clean gutters. Atlanta experts in our office know the best times of year for each type of service.

At Sunshine Window Cleaning, we value transparency with our customers. That's why we not only highlight our positive reviews, but also address any negative feedback we receive. We understand that no company is perfect, but we see negative feedback as a chance to improve our services. Although we acknowledge that we're not infallible, we're dedicated to doing everything we can to make things right. Please take a moment to review our "Customer Constructive Feedback Testimonials".


Additionally, we offer guidelines that assist you in scheduling each service and the related costs. See our pricing page for more information on estimates or request a free quote online.

Sunshine Window Cleaning Team

Sunshine Window Cleaning Service Agreements -Proactive Service

We offer annual service agreements that save you time and money. You never have to remember “if” you had your gutter cleaned. We will clean them on a regular schedule. A set scheduled gutter cleaning agreement will help prevent any potential damage from a debris-filled gutter. And we all know that with the trees in the area, cleaning gutters in Atlanta is as important as cleaning windows!


Additionally, we will call and remind you when it’s time to schedule your next gutter cleaning, saving you the hassle of having to remember to schedule this critical service.

Sunshine Window Cleaning cleaning inside of house windows

Sunshine Window Cleaning Professional Technicians

All of our professional window washers, gutter cleaners and pressure washers are highly trained professionals.


They are all drug-tested, full-time employees, and not seasonal employees or sub-contractors.

Drug Free Certificate 2024_edited.jpg
  • We are State of Georgia Certified Drug Free Workplace.

  • We arrive on time, in uniform with large, fully equipped and branded company vans to perform your services.

  • Each crew leader on every team has a minimum of five years’ experience

  • and for your peace of mind, all technicians are fully bonded and insured.

You do NOT want an uninsured, or under insured, worker getting hurt on your property. If they are not insured, it is your homeowners insurance that will be tapped.

Certificate of Insurance 2024
International Window Cleaning Association Certificate
Sunshine Window Cleaning OSHA Certificate.png
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