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Sunshine Window Cleaning Pressure Washing Services, Hard and Soft Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing - Hard and Low

Different jobs require different amounts of pressure and flow to get the job done without causing damage; how much is needed for your task?

Pressure Washing

Soft Pressure Washing Around the House:

If you're located in Atlanta and plan on pressure washing the exterior of your home, you have two options: either rent the necessary equipment and do it yourself or hire a reliable commercial company such as Sunshine Window Cleaning. However, if you decide to do it yourself, you may be unsure about the appropriate pressure to use for the job. Generally, for washing your siding, car, or deck, low pressure around 1,500 to 2,000 PSI is sufficient. This is significantly lower than the pressure typically used at most coin-operated car washes, which is around 700 PSI.

Soft Pressure Washing

When Sunshine Window Cleaning performs pressure washing on your house, it's more of a chemical rinse than actual pressure washing. To ensure your exterior surface is protected, they use very little pressure - similar to what you would get from a garden hose. The cleaning solution is what does the actual cleaning of your house. This process is also utilized on wooden items such as decks, play areas, fences, and patio furniture.

Hard Pressure Washing

If you need to clean Atlanta driveways through pressure washing or remove barnacles from boat hulls, it's best to use a commercial duty washer with a minimum of 3,000 PSI for efficient results. When it comes to cleaning concrete surfaces like driveways, patios, and sidewalks, Sunshine recommends using high pressure washing with 3,500 PSI. No chemicals are needed as the concrete can be cleaned through sheer pressure. Remember to adjust the pressure based on the surface being cleaned.

Hard and Soft Pressure washing

When pressure washing homes in Atlanta, it's important to consider the water output of the unit. If you need to rinse horizontal surfaces or use a surface cleaning machine, volume is crucial. However, if you're cleaning vertical surfaces or don't want excess water, a low flow/high-psi unit is the better choice.

Pressure is effective for cleaning, but for rinsing, you need a sufficient quantity of water to push the dirt across the surface. If the dirt comes off easily but you have a lot of it, use a high-volume unit with enough horsepower to get the job done.

Pressure Washing Tips If You Do It Yourself
  1. When pressure washing it is best to wash with the wand aimed downward. At times you have to point it upward, though, especially under soffits.

  2. Always follow the general rule not to drive water directly into cracks or gaps, and avoid shooting water up into soffit vents.

  3. It is especially dangerous to wash directly underneath shingles, because they can be easily moved and are difficult to replace.

  4. Stay away from electrical devices like lights and outlets. You can easily cause a short circuit or break them.

  5. If you are using an electric pressure washer, make sure it is equipped with the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), to protect yourself from possible electrical shocks.

  6. The most common mistake made by DIY pressures washers is stripping loose paint and gouging the wood or other surfaces. This will leave you with time-consuming, difficult wood repairs.

  7. If you will be applying sealer or paint, make sure the wood is completely dry before you begin.

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